Selling with B-Stock Supply

B-Stock Supply is a business-to-business online auction marketplace where companies, small to large, can sell excess inventory across hundreds of product categories and conditions. The marketplace allows sellers to quickly turn their excess inventory into cash by having tens of thousands of buyers compete for it via a transparent and easy-to-use online auction platform.

Ready to start selling?

5 Simple Steps to Start Selling

  • Apply

    Once you apply, a B-Stock account manager will contact you to help you get started. Subscription rates are $99 per month with a non-refundable, 3-month, upfront commitment.
  • Strategize

    Meet with your marketplace consultant to develop a listing strategy custom-fit for your needs. The key here is to maximize pricing while still selling the product as quickly as possible.
  • Sell

    Start listing your items. Remember, the more accurate information you can provide, the more conīŦdent buyers will be to bid on your listing.
  • Prepare

    Once the buyer submits payment to B-Stock, he/she will contact you directly to arrange shipping via the carrier of his/her choice.
  • Get Paid

    Once the order is successfully delivered, B-Stock will deposit funds directly into your bank account. Depending on the bank, funds are generally available within a week of delivery.